Benefits of English Grammar Exercises

English grammar practice is important because practicing English grammar will enable one to know all English basics and how to compose nice English sentences. It is amazing to find scholars in higher institutions of learning unable to compose grammatical error free sentences. This is simply because they did not practice advance English grammar at their early stages. One is supposed to be well conversant with all English grammar exercises right from lower classes and this will assure him or her enough practice on English grammar.
The knowledge on how English language is made up can actually help you in many ways. One of the ways is writing. Those individuals who can write grammatical error free content have a good foundation of English grammar. This means that they had enough English grammar practice right from childhood and this has made them shine in the language. It is not a surprise to find a native English speaker who cannot write a single grammatically correct sentence. The person had English as his or her first language but no effort has been done on advance English grammar. Therefore, undertaking English grammar exercises well can make you excellent in writing English.
It is worth to note that English grammar practice can actually help you not only in writing but also in speaking correct English. We note that those people who know how to write English can as well speak it out well. Pronunciation of English terms matters a lot and this is the area that actually need English grammar practice. Pronouncing an English word correctly indicates that you can also write it well. There are many English grammar exercises that one can go through and get enough practice.
Another benefit of English grammar practice is that it will help you in the study of other languages. English is the standard language that everyone is supposed to be conversant with. Without the knowledge of advance English grammar, then writing and pronunciation of terms in other languages would be a problem. Other subjects studied in school also require good English grammar. Such subjects include; geography, history, agriculture, economics and many more that require correct English grammar.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

English Grammar Exercise 1(Advance Grammar)

Each of the following sentences may contain an error in grammar, idiom or usage. If there is an error, it will appear in one of the underlined portions. Answers are given at the answer part. First try to answer by yourself, and then check it against the given answer. Answer explanation for each sentence is also given. If you go through this exercise, we can assure you that you will have a vast idea in English.

1. Rina was upset last night because she had to do too many homeworks. Answer
2. After Rana had returned to his house, he was reading a book. Answer
3. Kamal is thinking to go to the seminar on child-care next month. Answer
4. It has been a long time since we have talked to Rashed, isn’t it? Answer
5. The only students who were required to attend the workshop on ‘mass communication’ were Rana, Rina, Laila, and me. Answer
6. There’s a new supermarket in Elephant Road, isn’t it? Answer
7. The teacher tired to make the classes more enjoyable to the students so they would take a greater interest in the subject. Answer
8. Two of the students from the school has been chosen to participate in the national chess competition. Answer
9. The examination will test your ability to understand spoken English, to read non technical language and writing correctly. Answer
10. If cancer is suspected, the diagnosis need to be confirmed by blood tests. Answer
11. It has been known for the last two centuries that lightning was a form of electricity. Answer
12. Proper lighting is a necessary for good eyesight even though human night vision can be temporarily impared by extreme flashes of light. Answer
13. Intense clearing of jungles over decades in Chittagong Hill Tracts has destroyed the elephant’s habitat and threatened their survival. Answer
14. Enormous energy is required for the exchange of heat and moist between the atmosphere and the earth’s surface. Answer
15. Clouds hold water that evaporates from the land or the sea; later the water in clouds return to the land as rain. Answer
16. Medical experts are now suggesting that every healthy adult should receive counselling about exercise, diet and drug using. Answer
17. When the distance to any object is known, so the configuration of that object can be determined. Answer
18. Because fireworks are danger, many countries have introduced laws to prevent their sale. Answer
19. Throughout history, the mosquito is not only a nuisance but a killer carrying some of the most dangerous diseases known. Answer
20. Never before has so many people in Bangladesh been interested in cricket. Answer


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